Welcome to Prabhu Life Insurance Limited

Prabhu Life Insurance Ltd. (former Star Life Insurance Co. Ltd.) has been serving it’s valued customers since 2074 Mangsir 28 (December 14, 2017) by providing various life insurance products and services through its networks across Nepal. It belongs to the Prabhu Group of Companies, a renowned business group in the nation. This eminent group has diversified its wide ranges of amenities through various customer service platforms that have been touching the Nepalese lives every day in various aspects. This life insurance company has been majorly promoted by Prabhu Bank Limited and Shangrila Development Bank – well trusted financial brands in the country.

Life insurance is a system of mutual aid. It is a system in which a large number of people pay in money a little at a time to build a large pool of shared financial reserves so that if something happens to an associate, money can be taken from this pool to help each other out financially. Prabhu Life has been established to serve the Nepalese people through its life insurance services according to their needs. Prabhu Life Insurance has been established with 2 Billion capital fund that safeguards the financial strength of the insurer and its customers as well. The fund we have and our association with renowned re-insurer (Hannover Re, Malaysia) defines our ability to settle any sort of claims instantly.